Get one step beyond with your clients

Cruise and interact with them on a single dashboard... and replace your mails and spreadsheets !
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A new way of thinking business interactions, more intuitive

The pandemic crisis pushed many firms to adopt internal followup solutions (team building and communication). But there is still way to do, especially in client experience and followup that we want to remodel

  • - By decreasing mails, and shifting towards a visual and intuitive follow-up with your clients
  • - You should be able to give any time, impactul feedbacks to your client (modifications, suggestions, deliverables)
  • - Everything keeps being stored in one shared dashboard, preventing misunderstandings and unncessary waitings, stemming business and fueling concerns on business continuity
Circle with all firm actors
  • Onboard your business activities
  • Add your participating clients
  • You give them updates
  • Meanwhile they can give you feedbacks

A straightforward client experience

You want to make a feedback to your business partners ? You simply need to :

  • - Access the business activity you share together
  • - You pick up the type of return you want to make, while potentially inserting documents or comments
  • - Your partner sees your feedback in his dashboard

Protected and soon certified data

Client data are always sensitive, due to their confidentiality and importance

DealDrive has built an internal firewall, and keeps all eyes on segregating information between your partners

More precisely, we are storing your data on our european cloud servers which comply with GDPR standards, and we've been adopting a continous deployment & integration approach (CDCI) to offer you the best service. In order to become a trustworthy actor, we are looking to be certified by a third-party actor within the next months

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